Wednesday, January 04, 2006

a couple hours later ...

this page has already now been several different colours ... changing that was easy once I worked out how that 3 digit hex code thingy worked (normal html uses the normal 6 digit one ... the 3 digit one this seems to use is an abbreviated version - I learn something new each day - lol) ...
... while I was searching for the info about that, I found this nifty thingy -
and I have had a play ... lol

( hmmm - now I wonder how many colours will work on what coloured backgrounds ? )

moral of the story - don't find an online webmaster's colour palette just before your 12 year old daughter walks into the room !!!!!!

yes - she has been playing here with me ...

111 - would make a good main page maybe (or should I just use black?)
101 - is ok
303 - is a nice deepish purple for a quilt and/or crochet page
333 - is the one that matches the "silver" menu bar

abc - my daughter likes that
cab - ditto (think I did too)
bed, bee - she likes those too (too pale for my background)
(Ducatti?) 916 ... not exactly a motorbike riders colour ... unless SHE is into pink/purple

if I am working on a colour scheme for a page with a few different coloured areas or whatever, then that online thingy would be a good place to go back to.

... I think it is time I stopped talking to myself ;-)

and time I went to bed before dd (Dopey Daughter) drives me totally mad making up non existant very long words ...
(that bit of insanity started after I found a dictionary website to win an argument with her that "myself" was a correct spelling ;-)

*DD steals keyboard*

but my self as my daughter said is alsoight spelling!

*and I take the keyboard back*

but, while she had the keyboard, I still had the mouse - so I made her mess it up ;-)